How it works

1. You purchased a Logitech product less than 90 days ago, but you are not satisfied with it and would like a refund.

2. Complete the registration form below.

3. Make sure that your first name and last name match the information known to the bank.

4. Choose the product you have purchased and enter the purchase amount of your product. (The purchase amount must match the amount on your proof of purchase.)

5. Upload the proof of purchase. (Make sure that the purchase date, product and purchase amount are clearly visible.)

6. We will check the registration form within 2 working days and will contact you by e-mail.

7. Return the product according to the instructions in the second e-mail.

8. After the product has been returned, we will pay the purchase amount within 30 working days.

Make sure your First name and Last name match with the details known at the bank.

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